Nearly 300 pilgrims from abroad arrived in Biała Podlaska on Wednesday, to hold a stop at the World Youth Days. The final stage of this religious event will take place in Kraków, but before it, in this town on the Krzna River, the young people will have accommodation in local homes and make use of numerous attractions, prepared by the organizers.


The World Youth Days are approaching in leaps and bounds. Shortly the foreign pilgrims will arrive in Poland to share the meeting with the Holy Father Francis and their peers. To the Biała Podlaska region will come circa 300 people from five countries i.e. Belarus, France, Slovakia, Ukraine and Russia. For them and the residents a special programme has been prepared, in which everyone will find something for themselves.


The fuss of the WYD volunteers continues. Despite the completed mission of the stops in the parishes of the town, the youth coordinated by Father Leszek Mućka went to Siedlce, in order to promote the most important religious event of the year in Poland. There is a dozen of days remaining to meet Pope Francis.


Everyone cannot wait to see the events of July. The World Youth Days are starting in 38 days. Before it happens the Biała Podlaska precinct wishes to present to its residents what is expecting them. The WYD promotion is not only active within the town but also can be heard outside. Not also with a video which will appear in the web.


The campaign “Ambassador of the WYD in Biała Podlaska precinct” evokes a positive response. Many young people having listened to the well-known residents of the town, want to join the World Youth Days as organizers and participants. Now it is time of another one – the mayor of Biała Podlaska Dariusz Stefaniuk.


The gatehouse in the castle complex

ul. Warszawska , Biała Podlaska

The Provincial Specialist Hospital in Biała Podlaska

ul. Terebelska 57-65 , Biała Podlaska

Restaurant "Czerwony Smok" (Red Dragon)

ul. Janowska 1 , Biała Podlaska

"Społem" Grocery Cooperative

ul. Jatkowa 3 , Biała Podlaska

Lombard PERSONEL - KA$KA Chwilówki

Narutowicza 23 , Terebelska 60B , Al.1000-lecia 35 , Biała Podlaska


ul. Stacyjna 12 , Biała Podlaska
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